Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It's hard to believe none of us are web developers

We know that watching the Pentoo website over the years hasn't exactly filled people with confidence about our development process.  Truth is, none of us really likes updating the webpage, or dealing with updating the theme or graphics, or really anything not directly relating to improving the quality of our Linux distribution.  Our heavy focus on improvement has had some unintended consequences, specifically, people who visit the website (and some dim wikipedia editors) all think we are dead.  So here we are, with a shiny new release, some new posts on the website, and a new post on the blog.  Anyone who watches the github logs know we haven't ever so much as taken a one week vacation in the past few years, but the website has been telling a different story.

Now that we have cleared up that our death was greatly exaggerated, we would like to take a sec to update you all on some sexy new improvements.  In addition to the typical updates which are obvious and expected, we finally have UEFI support.  That said, we don't half do things, so Secureboot already works, both for the livecd and installs, and we plan to add signed kernels and kernel modules to the livecd soon.

Please enjoy our latest release, and as always, we appreciate bug reports https://github.com/pentoo/pentoo-overlay/issues

Zero_Chaos on behalf of the Pentoo Linux Team