Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pentoo recursivity

Well, sort of... This is the latest pentoo build, running pentoo in qemu using virt-manager.
We don't have kvm support yet, but this is planned.

It is running our latest 2.6.31 kernel and wifi is 2.6.27_rc7 with a bunch of patches.

The new release should be out by this week.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Kernel for next release

So, we could have some patches for sqlzma in 2.6.31 and we got the new compat-wireless 2.6.32_rc5.

Our new kernel is not stable yet but once we can sort out all the minor issues we still have, we'll be making an updated version.

Anyway, they're all in our tree so ppl wanting to try it out can
layman -s pentoo

Cheers to jensp for helping out with the sqlzma patches.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beta late than never

It's finally here!

We are releasing the beta version of both the 32 and the 64 bit version.
Here are the main features :
  • Changes saving
  • Enhanced cracking software
  • NTLM/MD4/MD5 cuda bruteforcer
  • WPA PSK rainbowtables generation accelerated through CUDA, STREAM or PADLOCK
  • John The Ripper with MPI support allowing you to run it on all your local or remote cores
  • Kernel 2.6.29 and wifi 2.6.31_rc4 with all the patches from Zero, including the freq patches for ath5k
  • Tons of new tools
  • Enlightenment DR17, built from SVN
You can put it on an USB STICK but it also fits on CD :-)

It's all available on http://www.pentoo.ch/

Zero and Grimmlin

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cuda, Stream, MPI and Multiforcer...

Have you heard about those GPU cracking software ? Well, we did, and here is the outcome, after hacking a bit with the code, we provide you with some nice cuda, stream and padlock pyrit versions

Althought the card is a crappy nvidia mobile, we can see that it works fine. Well, it works at least :-) but here's better perfs on my ati 4850:

The latests patches for john does it all, we can finally load those slacking cores a bit

Oh, and what does Multiforcer stands for ?

:-) this time we promise, the beta is comming soon!

Grimmlin & ZC

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Deadline approaching

There's been some sort of activity lately, and here is what's coming from it :
I moved all the services to a new server, and fixed a little bit of the web design. We're now settled to begin releasing.
I Updated our kernel to use the 2.6.28 sources along with aufs and sqlzma. Zero should be working on the wifi patches already.
We also plan on publishing our portage tree so ppl can benefit from our ebuilds and kernel sources.

We should come up with a beta release by the end of january. You can join us on irc if you want to check out alpha release and help us out.

BTW, here is what the future theme will look like