Monday, July 03, 2006

New Mini-Pentoo 2006.1 to be released

Well, this is almost official, the 2006.1 is to be released tonight or tomorrow. In a sense, when i'll have the time to do it.

Here is the Changelog :

Added wifi injection support for the following drivers :
Madwifi-ng, Hostap, wlan-ng, rtl8180, prism54/GT
Integrated the portagedb so no need for the module during install.
Created a mplayer module.
Added some firefox extensions: Live-Http-Headers, Temper-data, ShowIP, No-Referrer

Nessus, Yersinia, bluediving, metasploit, nmap, kernel(2.6.16-r7)

Added :
Kismet autoconfigure script, based on airmon-ng.
The pentoo installer, based on gentoo's one.
Wifitap, tcpdump, Impacket, ipw3945 driver, Realtek RTL 8168 driver, zd1211 driver,
irssi, aircrack-ng, ipsorcery, Bluetooth stack smasher, arpwatch, hexedit, slocate.

Meanwhile, i've updated a lot the fat version, allowing it to grow up to 660 Mb. More infos about it soon.