Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shmoocon 10 and other things which occupy our time.

So a lot of things have been taking our time.  On September 10th my wife and I had our first child, but not to be out done in December Anton welcomed twins.  Despite the significant distractions, we have still been hard at work.

Although the 32 bit builds are broken, again, since it's Shmoocon 10 I'm making a quick little update release anyway.  If you are here competing in the Wireless CTF you already have access, but if you aren't, go on over to our download page and fetch the latest goodness and enjoy the hardened and default builds for 64 bit.

Now I need to get back to fixing the wifi for all these damn attendees.  Have fun all ;-)

-Zero_Chaos and the Pentoo Linux team