Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pentoo Status Update

Normally I try really hard to avoid posting anything personal on the official blog.  Most of the users simply don't care what I and the rest of the development team had for breakfast (I had Naked Double Berry juice), however, once in a blue moon something entertaining enough happens that it is worth sharing. Today is the birthday of the majority of the active developers. No, it's not Pentoo's birthday, that would be Jun 22nd, no, today is both my birthday and Anton's.  Lots of things draw open source groups together, common interests and goals, desire to learn and help others, and apparently shared birthdays.  Truely the birthday paradox ( has been working overtime on this one, with only 3 active developers the odds of colliding birthdays is a bit astronomical.

Okay, I've blabbed about useless things for long enough, I bet you are all wondering wtf we are doing over here (too much cake, not enough code).  Despite Anton and I celebrating getting one year older, we have actually done a lot of work.  Some bugs have popped up in opencl and cuda which we are currently working out, however, for the most part, things are humming along very smoothly.  I expect RC2 to come out in May with updated cuda/opencl support and we are pushing hard on new features for the installer as well.

Stay tuned everyone, we are always working, even today while celebrating with cake ;-)

Zero_Chaos and the Pentoo Linux Team

PS> For once I'm not disabling comments so feel free to leave some personal notes, just keep bugs on the bug tracker where they belong please: